Discover how we transform Indonesia's museums --from drab, dusty and dreary into exciting centers of learning and discovery for all. The secret? Our multi-sensory storytelling and 360-experience!

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Dull, dusty, full of dread. These are the words Indonesians used to describe their country's historic sites --including the National Museum!

Despite its' +190,000 collections, Southeast Asia's oldest and largest museum have always had a tough time attracting visitors. In 2013 we changed all that: bringing tens of thousands of young and old through our innovative weekend@nationalmuseum.

The program's storytelling performances by renowned Teater Koma, special guided tours of collections, and children's workshop particularly attracts families --boosting Museum Nasional 's yearly weekend audience by 20%!

BRInnovation Center

Tiny Museum Bank BRI has a trully big problem: how to attract more visitors to their remote location in sleepy Purwokerto, Central Java.

Our proposed solution will transform this 1990 site into a completely new concept befitting BRI's standing as Indonesia's biggest bank: an exciting interactive learning and discovery centre for entrepreneurship, innovation and finance.

BRInnovation's sustainable design feature immersive galleries, exploration zones, reading-thinking nooks, a maker-space, organic rooftop garden, and restaurants --transforming this once low-profile museum into a must-visit destination!

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Kelana-Belajar Kak MuBI

The Covid-19 pandemic was especially hard for Indonesia's confined-at-home young families and museums losing thousands of visitors.

Our entertaining solution help the Bank Indonesia Museum connect with young audiences and families during lock-downs. Visitors enjoy the museum's 6-episode motion comics and its' playful online learning kit --all accessed via social-media.

Kids and parents get to time-travel to learn why prices often rose during tough times --exploring history while understanding the concept of inflation, sensible spending and saving, and the critical role of central bank in safeguarding a nation's economy.

The Mystery of Batavia

Supported by the British Council and Jakarta Government, this decade-old project introduced the first of many innovations in Indonesia.

It was the first to showcase 3D video-mapping projections on a heritage site. The first to combine history, theatre, animation, comics, and video games. It was also the first museum program to engage 65,000 live and 2,5 million online visitors!

The two-year program helped rejuvenate Jakarta's Old Town as the city's new creative playground. Initiated and produced by dapoerdongeng's founder, it became the genesis of our innovative museum experiences projects today.

Photograph: Toto Santiko Budi (banner). Architectural drawing: Office Shabrina Artiandi. Video: Rasapta Dika (AkhirPekan@Museum), Agah Nugraha (Belajar-Berkelana Kak MuBI), & How To Production (The Mystery of Batavia). Copyrights the respective photographer/videographer/architect for dapoerdongeng noesantara (c)