About us

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Who we are

Dapoerdongeng was established in 2015 by curator Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo and knowledge-management expert Adi Respati with +25 years experience in designing and producing arts, cultural, and educational programs.

Our small team of project managers work with multi-disciplinary experts and creative and learning communities --providing our partners with relevant and wide range expertises to deliver projects successfully.

What we do

With our partners and team of experts we design and produce multi-year projects that foster 21st century life skills, cultural competency, and social entrepreneurship abilities in young people and women across Indonesia.

We do this through our 3 interlinking programs, each of which address specific skills sets to specific audiences but when combined cross-pollinate the diversity of knowledge and competences across communities.

Why 21st century life skills?

The climatic, technological, and social complexities of the 21st century need a more holistic sets of skills. These include soft skills in creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, as well as interpersonal and team-working know-how.

Cultural competence compliments these with respect for diversity and the skills to connect and work across culture, which become most effective combined with social entrepreneurship that generates innovation and well-being for all!

Photograph: Syaifudin Vifick (banner). Copyright the photographer for dapoerdongeng noesantara (c)