Skills for Life

From fighting bullying to fighting inflation. From baking the tastiest treats to building sustainable start-ups. Our programs support kids, students, and women with useful and urgent 21st century life skills!

Read examples from our successful collaborations!

SMASHED Teen Life Skills 

A fun and interactive life skills training that has engaged 100,000 SMP and MTs students aged 12-15 in Greater Jakarta, Bali and East Java!

Teens love our innovative IT-based module that uses video, group discussion, and collaboration to help them solve life challenges --learning how to counter bullying, avoid risk-taking behaviors (such as underage drinking), and help others in need.

The program supports Indonesia's Merdeka Belajar curriculum, providing teachers with a free, fun, and easy-to-use module. Developed in collaboration with Collingwood Learning since 2017, we aim to train 400,000 Indonesian students by 2030.

Financial Literacy Chic Chat

No longer confined to the home, Indonesia's women have increasingly become today's breadwinners, industry leaders, and innovators.

Yet, many still lack the skills to secure a sustainable financial future for themselves and their loved ones. Our inspiring workshops and talks aim to redress the untapped economic potentials of Indonesia’s 96 million of productive age females.

Featuring successful women entrepreneurs and advisors, the program teaches participants the importance of planning, separating needs from wants, and choosing the right financial investments. Supported by PermataBank, OJK and BXc mall.

Cultural Entrepreneurs Hub

Having a promising artistic talent, creative inspirations, and set of nimble hands (or feet) don't necessary translate into financial success.

Artists and craftsmen are also in need of solid entrepreneurial know-how --just ask many of the 1,000 students at the venerable Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta, Central Java: many graduates have struggled finding the right market and patronage for their art.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut and Strascheg Centre, our customized module integrates into the art school's curriculum and government-funded student entrepreneurship program. It has since launched dozens of students' creative businesses!

Curious Kids' BXplorers Club

Children experience the most dramatic emotional, social and spiritual growths ages 5 to 12. They're just roaring to explore the world.

But as many parents who have paid for piano lessons know: they also get easily bored. Our BXplorers Club is the perfect solution. 3 Fridays a month kids get to enjoy ever-changing activities: from cooking to gardening, archery to astronomy.

Partner communities' storytellers and facilitators guide children hone their motoric skills, concentration, and self-confidence. The club has since established Bintaro Xchange's reputation --our program's sponsor-- as a kids-friendly community mall!

Photograph: Syaifudin Vifick (banner). Video: Goethe-Institut (Cultural Entrepreneurs Hub) and Anies Wildani. Copyrights the respective photographer/videographer for dapoerdongeng noesantara (c)